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As an international student, researcher, staff or alumni in Gothenburg, Unimeet Gothenburg welcomes you to explore career opportunities, networking and the Swedish culture through different activities and events made especially for you.

Are you an international PhD student/researcher from the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers? Want to talk to former PhD students/researchers who work in the industry, learn more about career options and where your PhD can take you? Curious about how to transform your research-based idea into a successful start-up? Then you should join Unimeet Gothenburg’s International PhD and industry networking event at Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft!

Presentations by former PhD students/researchers at
Chalmers and University of Gothenburg

You will also meet Ana Maria Popescu, Business coach at Chalmers Ventures and Lorna Fletcher, Business Developer & IP Strategist at GU Ventures who will talk about how to transform your research-based idea into a successful start-up and what support their incubators and investors could be offering you. Drinks and canapées will be served.

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Röhsska Museum of Design and Craft, Vasagatan 37-39
When: 15 June, 17.30-19.30
Registration deadline: 12 June
Places are limited.

This event is a partnership between Unimeet Gothenburg, Chalmers Doctoral Students Guild and University of Gothenburg’s Doctoral Committee. Unimeet Gothenburg is a collaboration between University of Gothenburg, Chalmers and Göteborg & Co. We create business activities, meeting places & networking opportunities for international students, researchers, staff and alumni at the University of Gothenburg or Chalmers.

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Unimeet Gothenburg welcomes international students and researchers at University of Gothenburg and Chalmers to apply to this free Career Development Bootcamp starting 4th of May.

Dates for the program

4 May, 18 May, 1 June (digital workshops from 5-7 pm) and a closing live event 8 June.

What you can expect during the bootcamp:

  1. Three intensive online workshops with Alena Ipanova, an Intercultural Leadership trainer and executive coach who will help you gain valuable knowledge and super practical skills for successful job hunts in Sweden
  2. Exciting practical tasks to push you out of your comfort zone for the best practical “learning-by-doing” experience
  3. Online individual and group support to keep you motivated and energized between the workshops
  4. Nailing your CV and interview skills to stand out from the crowd, as well as learn how the Swedish job market works to confidently move within the “system”
  5. Meet up with your course peers and course leader for a live networking event in June

Program modules

Module 1. Career in Sweden – mindset to maximize your opportunities and thrive in the Swedish work culture

This module is focused on creating a better understanding of the Swedish job market, cultural norms and various perspectives on stepping into a career path in Sweden. During this module participants will evaluate their personal challenges and gain more clarity on their career goals and possibilities in Sweden.

Module 2. Nailing your CV and leveling up your interview skills
This module is very practical and aims to create a safe space for participants to work on and nail their CVs, develop interview skills and improve their LinkedIn profiles with the help of workshops and practical group activities fueled by feedback, guidance and support from the side of the program facilitator, as well as program peers.

Module 3. Mentorship and Networking to utilize career opportunities in Sweden

During this module participants will stretch their comfort zone and gain first-hand experience in looking for a mentor who would be able to share their practical advice and support them in their career aspirations. Participants will learn about the specifics of networking in Sweden and will be encouraged to take practical steps to build up the network they need to move forward with their career goals.

Module 4. Personal Action Plan to move forward towards your career goals

This is the final module where participants, based on newly gained knowledge, skills and identified career goals, will be able to develop a solid Personal Action Plan to kick-start their career journey in Sweden.


This program is very practical and demands commitment from your side. We expect you to be able to devote a minimum 5 hours/week to the program activities and self-learning.

We do not guarantee you a job as a result of this program. What we can guarantee is a learning-by-doing experience during which you’ll stretch your comfort zone, get to overcome challenges in order to generate new opportunities, develop practical skills and mindset to tap into your full potential, and start moving towards your career goals with greater confidence.

Apply here!

Please apply here. The application deadline is 27th of April.

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