Unimeet Gothenburg creates cultural and social activities, meeting places and networking opportunities for international researchers and students.

Unimeet Gothenburg is a platform enabling you to truly experience Gothenburg and make life-long memories here. In one of Sweden’s largest university cities with 60,000 students and 5,000 researchers – there are plenty of opportunities and activities to explore in Gothenburg and Sweden.

With the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, you get the chance to experience two of the most popular universities in the country, while living in one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

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Join us at the exclusive P3 Guld music gala!

P3 Guld music gala celebrates outstanding Swedish music – and next week it’s time again. Want to join? We got some free tickets for you!

During the gala you will experience world-class musical performances by the world renowned artist Zara Larsson – including a world premiere of her new song, the masked Gällivare duo Hooja and the punk rock band Viagra boys. In addition, pop singer Olivia Lobato and hip-hop matriarch Cleo will also be on stage. Deportees will make their debut on the stage in the company of ballad singer Sarah Klang, the romantic performer Thomas Stenstrom , the enigmatic LOAM and the pop sensation Estraden .

Before the gala begins you will get to take part in the pre-party with a red carpet treatment, live acts and other fun in the arena.

The gala will be broadcast live in both Swedish radio and television.

When: Friday 27 January, 4.30pm-10.30pm
Where: Partille Arena (free buses back and forth from Nils Ericsson Terminal)

For registration and more information about the schedule, please read more here: Registration to join Unimeet Gothenburg at P3 Guld music gala (formogr.am)

Activities for new international students and researchers

As a new student or researcher in Gothenburg you are welcome to take advantage of our many unique events and tailor-made activities. Meet new people, network and get in contact with the industry while you discover what the city has to offer. Almost everything is free of charge!

Activities & Offers