Exclusive seminars at The International Science Festival Gothenburg


Welcome to an interesting afternoon with exclusive seminars only for Unimeet Gothenburg at the International Science Festival!

When: 22 April at 16.00-18.00
Where: Humanisten, auditorium J330, Renströmsgatan 6
Price: Free of charge
Registration: Registration opens in March
Accessibility: The venues have good accessibility

The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading popular science events. The public program takes place  April 21-26 and the theme this year is Movement.

Choose among hundreds of activities, workshops, lectures and much more. Free admission to all lectures!



16.00-16.10:  Introduction

16.10-16.50: “Why the Arctic matters”

The Arctic has long held a magical grip on humanity. Today it is the front line of the climate crisis where scientists, indigenous people and communities experience life changing forces. A century of research in Abisko and other Arctic outposts shows that our climate future has already begun.

Participator: Keith Larson is a researcher at the Climate Impact Research Centre in Abisko and he will give a presentation on why the situation in the arctic region affects us all.

Short break

17.00-17.40: ” Physical activity is medicine”

The percentage of physically active people in our society is low. It can be related to increased prevalence of our most common diseases. By becoming more physically active, it is possible to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, pain, musculoskeletal disorders, dementia and Alzheimer's.

Participator: Daniel Arvidsson is a researcher at the Department of Food and Nutrition, and Sport Science and at the Center for Health and Performance.

17.45-18.00: “Subject teacher education specializing in dance, HSM”

The subject teacher training with a focus on dance at HSM shows a choreography with movement material that explores gravity and physical laws.

Participants: First year students under the direction of Lena Yngvesson.