The Cultural Centre Kåken – Your public living room


Warm welcome to Örgryte-Härlanda's public living room – The cultural centre Kåken. Here, together with you, we create an attractive, enjoyable and charming meeting place full of culture. Here you will find plenty of exciting programs, open preschools, health clinics, cafés and libraries. The library and program activities are LGBTQ-certified and we work with norm critical thinking to make everyone feel welcome to a safe place to be.

The cultural centre Kåken is located in Härlanda Park, in what was previously Härlanda prison's carpentry and workshop. You can easily reach here by tram lines 1 and 3 to Stockholmsgatan or bus 17 to the stop Härlanda.

When: Autumn term
Where: Kålltorpsgatan 2
Accessibility: Read about accessibility here

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