The Cultural Centre Frilagret


Welcome to the cultural house Frilagret!

A lot of cultural events is organized every month, ranging from concerts to festivals, creative workshops, lectures, photo exhibitions, theater and dance.
Everyone is welcome to Frilagret as a visitor, but if you are 13-30, you can arrange your own event at Frilagret. You will have access to our public areas free of charge. Maybe you want to share your results in your latest essay or perform with your theater group, almost everything is possible.
If you do not want to arrange by yourself, you are welcome anyway, all ages, all kinds!
At Frilagret there is also a cafe where you can have a coffee or lunch, sit and take a moment or have meetings - without obligation to buy anything.

Check out our website for information on upcoming events or how to arrange with us. Welcome!


When: Several days a week
Lagerhuset at Järntorget, Heurlins plats 1
Price: Most events are completely free to participate to. It is always free to arrange.
Accessibility: The venues have good accessibility