Digital Career Day: Education & Preparation Part 1, Nov 25th

NOV 25 2020

Welcome to Digital Career Day: Education & Preparation, arranged by Unimeet Gothenburg.

Digital Career Day: Education & Preparation is a two-part webinar about self-promotion, networking, and finding a job with the help of LinkedIn.

On Nov 25th, we will start by presenting Abhilash Ram – an international marketer, communicator, and engineer with extensive experience in student recruitment, branding, and planning. He will be holding a short and light presentation on being New in Sweden from an Intercultural Perspective. Abhilash will be touching upon some of his personal observations of not only Swedish culture but also its interaction with the diverse international cultures that have inextricably become a part of its fabric. Prepare to laugh and learn.

Next up is Ida Sjöholm, digital strategist and communicator, who helps individuals and organizations succeed on LinkedIn. During the two webinars, she will be combining LinkedIn do's and don'ts with specific advice for international researchers and students who wish to find their way into the Swedish labor market. By alternating theory with practical examples and her own reflections, she will help us become better at promoting and presenting ourselves in the ever-growing digital era.

Part 1: How to build a professional LinkedIn profile: The first session is all about creating yourself a professional window of display on LinkedIn. Step by step, we will be covering subjects like that crucial first impression, how to build credibility, where to write those search-engine-friendly keywords, and how to adapt your profile to your Swedish target groups.

Part 2: How to find job opportunities on LinkedIn – will be presented on Dec 10th: Learn how being proactive on LinkedIn can open doors to the Swedish labor market. We will be talking about LinkedIn netiquette and finding a job when many of the available vacancies never get posted. You also get some valuable advice on how to build your own professional brand. Don't miss out on this opportunity to develop your self-promoting skills.